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Why I shoot with Sony camera

As a photographer, I have always been fascinated by the art of portraiture. The ability to capture a person's essence and personality through a single photograph is a powerful thing. And when it comes to shooting portraits, my go-to camera brand is Sony.

There are several reasons why I prefer shooting portraits with Sony cameras, and in this blog post, I will discuss some of them.

Firstly, Sony cameras are known for their excellent autofocus capabilities. This is especially important when shooting portraits, as you want your subject's eyes to be in sharp focus. Sony's Eye AF feature is particularly useful for this, as it can detect and track a subject's eyes with remarkable accuracy. This means that even if your subject moves around, the camera will continue to focus on their eyes, resulting in sharp and clear images.

Another reason why I shoot portraits with Sony cameras is their high resolution sensors. Sony's full-frame sensors are capable of capturing a tremendous amount of detail, which is crucial when it comes to portrait photography. The ability to capture fine details such as skin texture, hair strands, and the subtle nuances of facial expressions can make a huge difference in the final image.

In addition to their technical capabilities, Sony cameras are also known for their ergonomics and user-friendly interfaces. This is important when working with portrait subjects, as you want to be able to make adjustments quickly and easily without distracting your subject or interrupting the flow of the session. Sony cameras are designed with this in mind, with intuitive menus and customizable buttons that allow you to access the settings you need quickly.

Finally, Sony cameras offer a wide range of lenses that are ideal for portrait photography. From fast primes to versatile zooms, there is a Sony lens to suit every shooting situation. One of my personal favorites is the Sony FE 85mm f/1.8, which produces stunning bokeh and is perfect for isolating your subject from the background.

In conclusion, there are many reasons why I shoot portraits with Sony cameras. Their autofocus capabilities, high resolution sensors, user-friendly interfaces, and excellent selection of lenses make them the ideal choice for capturing beautiful and compelling portraits.



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