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Kemi. Fairy Tale

Photographer and Creative Director: Vita Phoenix @vita_phoenix

Makeup and Hair Artist:  Jair Torres @_jairtorres

Styling: The Confessional Showroom NYC @the_confessional_showroom_nyc

Model: Kemi @kemiiixo

Feather earrings: Lila Mac


Feather capelette: tuluminati


Shoe feathers: Rossi tuxedo


Black short dress: Lenshina Nchami


Ring: Shiang

Bow dress: miri Mari


Black earrings: crown and maiden


Black closed shoes: Barrollo Italy

Corset: Raimana Cowan


Leather pants: Pavalina Jauss

Red suit: Llessur


Red and black shoes: Rossi Tuxedo


Gold earrings: Crown and Maiden


Gold and black chain: Crown and Maiden

Green leaf dress: Nazarene Amictus


Gold earrings: Crown and Maiden

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